Hood — removal, installation and adjustment

Removal and installation

Note: The hood is heavy and somewhat awk­ward to remove and install — at least two peo­ple should perform this procedure.

1. Use blankets or pads to cover the cowl area of the body and the fenders. This will protect the body and paint as the hood is lifted off.

2. If a hood hinge is going to be replaced, or the same hood is going to be reinstalled, scribe alignment marks around the hinge flanges to ensure proper hood alignment dur­ing installation (paint or a permanent-type felt-tip marker also will work for this) (see illustra­tion). (Skip this step if the hood is going to be replaced.)

12.2 Mark the hood around the hinge plates to aid alignment during reinstallation

Chevrolet Silverado _ Mark the hood around the hinge plates</strong><strong> to aid alignment during reinstallation» /></p>
<p>3. Disconnect any electrical connectors attached to the hood (such as the underwood light, ground wire, etc.).</p>
<p>4. Some models may be equipped with a hood strut. Detach the strut from the hood by removing the small clip on the end, then pull the strut end off of the ball mount.</p>
<p>5. Have an assistant support the weight of the hood. Remove the hinge-to-hood bolts and remove the hood.</p>
<p>6. Installation is the reverse of removal. Check the alignment and adjust as neces­sary.</p>
<p><strong><em>Hood adjustment procedure</em></strong></p>
<p>7. Fore-and-aft and side-to-side adjustment of the hood is done by moving the hood in relation to the hinge flanges after loosening the bolts.</p>
<p>8. Scribe or trace a line around the entire hinge plate so you can judge the amount of movement (paint or a permanent-type felt-tip marker also will work for this).</p>
<p>9. Loosen the nuts and move the hood into correct alignment. Move it only a little at a time. Tighten the hinge nuts and carefully lower the hood to check the alignment.</p>
<p>10. Adjust the hood latch so the hood closes securely, and check that the hood opens with­out binding. If the hood does bind or is hard to open readjust the hood latch as needed (see illustration).</p>
<p><strong>12.10 Hood latch adjustment is accomplished</strong><strong> by loosening the hood latch bolts.</strong></p>
<p><img src=

Tip: The hood should rest on the hood bum­pers with a very slight pressure against the hood itself. Do not raise them so high that they put a great deal of pressure on the hood, as this can cause the hood to jam in the hood latch mechanism and make it hard­er to open. A good way to check the proper height of the hood bumpers is to remove the latch completely so it does not latch, and then raise or lower the hood bumper stops until the edge of the hood aligns perfectly with the fender edges. Once that is accom­plished you can then reattach the latch and adjust the latch properly.

Note: The hood latch assembly, as well as the hinges, should be periodically lubricated with white lithium-base grease to prevent sticking and wear.

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