Window regulator — removal and installation

Note: This procedure applies to front and rear door window regulators.

Tip: Depending on where you purchase the regulator replacement assembly it may or may not come with a new motor. Switching the motor is fairly straight forward. Just remove the three bolts from the motor and position the motor in the same location on the replacement regulator assembly.

1. Remove the door trim panel (see Door trim panels — removal and installation) and water shield.

2. Reconnect the window switch and lower (or raise) the window to about the halfway point. Look into the door and watch the window track move to a position where you can easily reach the bolts that secure the glass to the window track. Stop the window at that point and disconnect the switch and remove the negative battery terminal.

Tip: If you are changing out the regulator because it has jammed or the cable has snapped the window may not move electrically. In that case, use a good strong pair of wire cutters and cut the regulator drive cables. Then you should be able to manually lift the window to the desired position to remove the bolts retaining the window glass to the regulator tracks.

Note: The window regulator assembly consists of two guides and cables. When withdrawing the assembly from the door, push the two guides toward each other to collapse the assembly for easier removal. For access type rear doors on extended cab pick-up models, the regulator consists of one guide but removal is basically the same.

3. Remove the door window glass (see Door window glass — removal and installation), or tape it up out of the way.

4. Remove the five bolts that secure the window regulator to the door and the two bolts (on the top edge) that secure the track guides to the door (see illustration).

23.4 Window regulator bolts

Chevrolet Silverado  _ Window regulator bolts

5. Remove the regulator from the door.

Note: It’s always good to remember the orientation that you used to guide the regulator assembly out of the door and to copy that same orientation when reinstalling the replacement piece.

6. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Rear sliding window regulator replacement

7. Slide both front seats to their most for- ward position. Remove the rear seat (if applicable).

8. If applicable, remove the rear passed- ger seat belt shoulder guide by lifting it up to release it from the molding.

9. If applicable, remove the rear passenger seat belt lower bolt that fastens the seat belt anchor plate to the body.

10. Remove the rear trim panel. (Panel is held on by pressure clips.)

11. Maneuver the seat belt through the rear trim panel and then remove the panel (if applicable).

Note: On the four-door models, the rear panel trim is set behind the side trim panels. Remove the side trim panels also.

12. Slide the window open about two inches. This reduces the amount of pressure on the cable ends and will make it easier to remove the cables.

Warning: If the motor is jammed or the cable has snapped, you’ll need to cut the regulator cables with a strong pair of wire cutters in order to move the window.

13. Locate the cable ends that are attached to the window track on either side of the window section. Then, by depressing the cable spring and pulling on the cable end, release the cable end from the track guide.

14. Unbolt the regulator assembly from the cab.

15. Disconnect the electrical connection to the motor and remove the regulator assembly.

16. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Slide window motor removal

17. Follow the procedure for removing the regulator assembly.

18. The motor is held onto the regulator with three screws. Remove the screws. Remember the motor-to-regulator orientation for reinstalling before lifting the motor off of the regulator assembly.

19. Installation is the reverse of removal

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