Brake light switch — check, adjustment and replacement

1. The brake light switch is also known as the Brake Pedal Position Sensor (BPPS). However, different parts stores or even the various dealer parts departments may refer to the BPPS as the brake light switch.

Caution: Replacing the BPPS requires the use of a scanner to properly calibrate the operation of the brake switch. See the appropriate repair facility for repair.


2. The brake light switch (see illustration) is located on the side of the brake pedal and is retained by a single bolt and an alignment hole.

15.2 Brake light switch mounting details:

1 Retaining bolt
2 Brake light switch
3 Brake light switch electrical connector

Chevrolet Silverado Brakes _ Brake light switch mounting details

Note: Notice the position of the forked control arm that straddles the actuator pin on the brake pedal assembly. Make sure when reinstalling the switch that the control arm is in this same position

3. If the brake lights are inoperative, check the fuse first (see Chassis electrical system).

Warning: Do NOT apply voltage to the switch or circuit or severe damage can occur to the electrical system. The switch and circuit operate via a data signal, not a 12-volt signal.

4. Have an assistant apply the brake pedal while you check for voltage to the brake light wires at the taillight housings. If voltage is not present, follow the wiring diagram and check all the connections and connectors for good continuity. Also, check for a good chassis ground at the tail light housing (Follow the wire diagram for ground connection location and correct routing.)

5. If voltage is present at the taillight housings and the ground is good, replace the bulb. If after replacing the bulb the lights still don’t come on replace the taillight housing assembly or bulb housing fixture (Some models are serviced as a complete taillight housing only.)

6. If there is no voltage and no obvious wiring issues consult a qualified repair facility to check the BPPS system for fault codes.


7. The brake light switch on these vehicles is not adjustable.


8. Unplug the electrical connector from the switch.

9. Remove the bolt that retains the switch and slip the switch off the alignment pin.

10. Installation is the reverse of removal. Have the switch calibrated by an appropriate repair facility.

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