Antenna and cable — removal and installation

Antenna mast

1. Unscrew the antenna mast from the antenna base. Be sure to protect the sur­rounding painted surfaces.

2. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Antenna mast mounting base and cable

3. Remove the antenna mast. Remove the cowl cover (see Body).

4. Unbolt the antenna mounting base.

5. Remove the top trim panel from the instrument panel.

6. Disconnect the antenna mast cable from the extension cable.

7. Attach a piece of wire of sufficient length to the old antenna mast cable and care­fully pull out the cable through the grommet located below the antenna mounting base.

8. Attach the new antenna mast cable to the wire and pull it back through the grommet below the antenna mast base.

9. Installation is otherwise the reverse of removal.

Antenna extension cable

10. The antenna extension cable, which connects the antenna mounting base cable to the radio, is routed through the instrument panel, which you must remove to replace it.

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