Circuit breakers — general information

1. Circuit breakers protect certain circuits, such as the power windows or heated seats. Depending on the vehicle’s accessories, there may be one or two circuit breakers, located in the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment.

2. Because the circuit breakers reset automatically, an electrical overload in a circuit breaker-protected system will cause the cir­cuit to fail momentarily, then come back on. If the circuit does not come back on, check it immediately.

3. For a basic check, pull the circuit breaker up out of its socket on the fuse panel; but just far enough to probe with a voltmeter. The breaker should still contact the sockets.

4. With the voltmeter negative lead on a good chassis ground, touch each end prong of the circuit breaker with the positive meter probe. There should be battery voltage at each end. If there is battery voltage only at one end, the circuit breaker must be replaced.

5. Some circuit breakers must be reset manually.

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