Electric side view mirrors — description

Note: These models are equipped with a Body Control Module (BCM). Several systems are linked to a centralized control module that allows simple and accurate troubleshooting, but only with a professional-grade scan tool. The Body Control Module governs the door locks, the power windows, the ignition lock and security system, the interior lights, the Daytime Running Lights system, the horn, the windshield wipers, the heating/air conditioning system and the power mirrors. in the event of malfunction with this system, have the vehicle diagnosed by a dealership service department or other qualified automotive repair facility.

1. The electric rear view mirrors use two motors to move the glass; one for up and down adjustments and one for left-right adjustments. Some vehicles are equipped with memory mirrors as well. These mirrors are an integral part of the power seat memory unit as well as incorporated with the Body Control Module (BCM). If there is a problem with these systems it is advised to seek out a qualified independent repair facility or your local dealer.

2. The control switch has a selector portion which sends voltage to the left or right-side mirror. With the ignition in the ACC position and the engine OFF, roll down the windows and operate the mirror control switch through all functions (left-right and up-down) for both the left and right-side mirrors.

3. Listen carefully for the sound of the electric motors running in the mirrors.

4. If the motors can be heard but the mirror glass doesn’t move, there’s probably a problem with the drive mechanism inside the mirror. Power mirrors have no user-service­able parts inside — a defective mirror must be replaced as a unit.

5. If the mirrors don’t operate and no sound comes from the mirrors, check for a blown fuse.

6. If the fuses are OK, remove the mirror control switch. Have the switch continuity checked by a dealer service department or other qualified shop.

7. Check the ground connections.

8. If the mirror still doesn’t work, remove the mirror and check the wires at the mirror for voltage.

9. If there’s not voltage in each switch position, check the circuit between the mirror and control switch for opens and shorts.

If the mirror is inoperative, try holding the switch in one of the directions and swing the door open and closed. If there is a break in the door jamb you may occasionally make contact long enough to avoid removing the mirror from the door for further testing. This will also give you some clue as to where the break is rather than testing things in one given position.

10. If there’s voltage, remove the mirror and test it off the vehicle with jumper wires. Before testing check the wiring diagram for the correct leads that have to be used for each posi­tion. Applying voltage to the wrong leads can damage the mirror drive motors. Replace the mirror if it fails this test.

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