Turn signals and hazard flashers — general information

1. There is no turn signal and hazard flasher relay on these vehicles. This func­tion is handled by the Body Control Module (BCM).

2. If a bulb on one side of the vehicle flashes much faster than normal but the bulb at the other end of the vehicle (on the same side) doesn’t light at all, the bulb that doesn’t flash is probably faulty. Replace the bulb (see Bulb replacement).

3. If both the left and right front or rear turn signal bulbs are not flashing, the turn signal and hazard flasher relay function in the BCM may be defective, or the turn signal switch is defective, or there is an open circuit between the switch, BCM, or turn signal bulbs and sock­ets, or faulty grounds. The BCM is not service­able and must be replaced by a dealer service department or an independent electrical repair facility equipped with the proper tools. Replac­ing the BCM is not a job that you can do at home because the BCM must be programmed with a factory scan tool when it’s replaced.

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