Axleshaft oil seals (front, 4WD models) — replacement

Right side

1. Refer to Right axleshaft, tube, and bearing (4WD and AWD models) — removal, component replacement, and installation for the right-side axle shaft seal and bearing replacement procedure.

Left side

2. Loosen the wheel lug nuts, raise the vehicle, place it securely on jack stands and remove the left front wheel. Remove the differential carrier splash shield from under the front axle.

3. Remove the left drive axle (see Driveaxle (4WD models) — removal and installation).

4. Drain the lubricant from the front differential (see Tune-up and routine maintenance).

5. Pull the left axle shaft out with a slide hammer and adapter.

6. Remove the deflector and seal from the differential.

7. Install a new seal and deflector. Libra- cate the lips of the seal with multi-purpose grease.

8. Install the axle shaft, carefully driving it in with a soft-face hammer.

9. Fill the differential with the proper lubricant (see Tune-up and routine maintenance).

10. Install the drive axle (see Driveaxle (4WD models) — removal and installation).

11. Install the differential carrier splash shield.

12. Install the wheel and lug nuts. Lower the vehicle, tighten the lug nuts to the torque listed in the Tune-up and routine maintenance Specifications, then check for proper operation.

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