Driveshaft center support bearing — replacement

1. Remove the driveshaft (see Driveshaft(s) — removal and installation).

2. Mark the relationship of the front portion of the driveshaft to the rear portion of the driveshaft (it’s best to make the mark on the slip yoke).

3. Remove the universal joint for the rear slip yoke and remove the rear slip yoke.

4. Secure the front of the driveshaft (with the center support bearing) in a soft-jaw vise. Remove the driveshaft yoke nut.

5. If you have access to a hydraulic press (one tall enough to accommodate the shaft) and the necessary fixtures, press the shaft out of the yoke and the center support bearing. Reverse this operation to install the new bearing (using the existing yoke).

6. If you do not have the necessary equipment, take the shaft to an automotive machine
shop or another qualified repair facility to have

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