Power steering system — bleeding

1 Following any operation in which the power steering fluid lines have been discon­nected, the power steering system must be bled to remove all air and obtain proper steer­ing performance.

2 With the front wheels in the straight-ahead position, check the power steering fluid level and, if low, add fluid until it reaches the COLD mark on the dipstick or in the middle of the cross-hatched marks.

3 Raise the front of the vehicle just enough for the wheels to clear the ground and support it securely on jack stands. Apply the parking brake.

4 Turn the key to the ON position with the engine off, then turn the steering wheel fully in each direction (stop-to-stop) 12 times.

5 Check the fluid level and add more if necessary to reach the COLD fill mark.

6 Start the engine and allow it to warm up.

7 Turn the steering wheel from side to side, without hitting the stops and confirm that there is no noise coming from the system due to aeration of the fluid.

8 Road test the vehicle to be sure the steering system is functioning normally and noise free.

9 Recheck the fluid level to be sure it’s up to the HOT mark on the dipstick while the engine is at normal operating temperature. Add fluid if necessary.

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