Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) — reset procedure

Note: Resetting the TPMS is required when the tires are rotated or when a new sensor is installed. It is not necessary if you are only adding air because of a low tire. If you’re adding air because the low tire warning light came on, then the system is working as it should (It warned you that the tire was low). The system will automatically adjust the stored pressure readings as soon as all tires are inflated to the proper specifications which, in turn, will allow the warning light to go off (unless there is a problem with the system, system components, or the pressure is incorrect).

Note: This procedure requires the use of a TPMS reset tool (J-46079 Tire Pressure Monitor Tester). This tool can be purchased at most parts stores.

1. Adjust the air pressure in each tire according to the placard on the driver’s door jam.

2. Set the parking brake.

3. Turn the key to the on position with engine off.

For Up-Level Driver Information Center (DIC) equipped models

4. Make sure the TIRE MONITOR INFORMATION page is turned on (use the setting menu).

5. Press and hold the SET/RESET button (the check symbol located in the center of the DIC controls).

For Base Driver Information Center (DIC) models

6. Use the TRIP ODOMETER RESET button to scroll through the menu to the TIRE PRESSURE SCEEN.

7. Press and hold the TRIP ODOMETER RESET button for 5 seconds. A message asking if the process is valid at this time will be displayed. Click YES, and press the TRIP ODOMETER RESET to confirm the request.

All Models

8. The horn should sound twice indicating it is in learn mode. The DIC will display TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE.

9. Place the J-46079 Tire Pressure Moni- tor Tester on the left front tire, holding the antenna close to the valve stem, then press the activation button. Hold the activation button down for about 10 seconds or until you hear the horn sound. When the horn sounds, repeat this same step for each of the remaining tires going from the right front tire, to the right rear tire, and finally to the left rear tire.

10. Once you’ve retrained the left rear tire sensor (horn sounded), turn the key to the Off position. This will allow you to exit the TPMS LEARN mode.

Note: If all four tire sensors do not register during the procedure, the TPMS light will remain on.

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