Oil pump — removal, inspection and installation


1. Remove the timing chain cover (see Timing chain and sprockets — removal and installation).

2. Remove the oil pan (see Oil pan — removal and installation).

3. Install special tool EN-51257 to the engine block by placing the one piece of the tool against the timing chain tensioner and the other piece against the edge of the oil pump body. Then tighten the mounting bolts securely.

4. Remove the oil pump mounting bolts and slide the pump off of the crankshaft.

Caution: If the oil pump is being removed and not replaced, special tool EN-51267 (oil pump alignment tool) must be installed to the engine block and against the pump before the oil pump is removed, and remain in place until the pump is reinstalled. If the alignment tool is not installed prior to removal, a new oil pump must be installed.


5. Remove the oil pump cover and with- draw the rotors from the pump body. Clean the components with solvent, dry them thoroughly and inspect for any obvious damage. Also check the bolt holes for damaged threads and the splined surfaces on the crankshaft sprocket for any apparent damage. If any of the components are scored, scratched or worn, replace the entire oil pump assembly. There are no serviceable parts currently available.


6. Prime the pump by pouring clean engine oil into the pick-up tube hole, while turning the pump by hand.

7. Position the oil pump over the end of the crankshaft. Align the teeth on the crank-shaft sprocket with the teeth on the oil pump drive gear, making sure the pump is fully seated against the block.

8. Push the pump body upward so that the pump body contacts the tool and hold it in this position while tightening the bolts. Constant contact between the oil pump body and the oil pump alignment tool must be maintained. There can be no gap between the oil pump housing and the tool. If there is a gap, loosen the oil pump bolts and push the pump against the tool and tighten the pump bolts again.

9. Install the oil pump mounting bolts and tighten them to the torque listed in this Chapter’s Specifications.

10. Install and align the timing chain cover (see Timing chain and sprockets — removal and installation), then install the oil pan (see Oil pan — removal and installation).

11. The remainder of installation is the reverse of removal.

12. Add oil and coolant as necessary. Run the engine and check for oil and coolant leaks. Also check the oil pressure.

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